Large Cashmere Shawl


Large cashmere shawl, handmade in England, weighty enough to use as a blanket, equally great as a scarf or shawl for the winter.

Perfect while travelling or at home, a have on hand piece, for anything from working, adding to a blouse or dress in the evening, air travel, wrapping around you while running errands around town or snuggling under on the sofa. The ruffle edges at either end add a touch of fun. 


  • Pure Scottish Cashmere 
  • Made in Britain 
  • Finished by hand 
  • Fully fashioned kitted, which means knitted to shape with little to no wastage 
  • 12 gauge, 4ply, medium weight knit 
  • 1x1 cardigan stitch rib 
  • Ruffle edge

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