A Cashmere Crew

I can’t quite remember when I first started to always carry a cashmere crew with me, it feels like something I’ve always done. Especially great at beating the air-con chill or a gusty wind along a coastal path they create a wrap around effect, where a scarf always seems to leave a gap. Perfect to add as a finishing layer around your shoulders, over a coat when the cold is really biting through and for topping a summer dress in the evening, their uses are endless

I’ve always got one with me, equal parts practical and chic to layer with almost anything. Worn with jeans and enough room to feel luxurious, because that’s the point of a cashmere crew, to feel special. Every time you pop it on, it’s reliably familiar and got that something at the same time. Ours are a shape that’s intended to be on the neater side, but still have room to breath and are made with a saddle sleeve that gives a notch of interest to a simple silhouette. Made on a 12 gauge machine, which is a lighter weight to our other pieces, they are designed to be a light, finer layer. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these over a shirt, the shape and structure isn't intended for that kind of layering. Over a neat t-shirt or tank top yes, but not much more. They work brilliantly solo, with nothing else underneath, the feeling against your skin is wonderful and when you push up the sleeve you get this great gathering which adds interest to a simple outfit. Tucked in with a skirt or jeans or left out, these cashmere crews really stand on their own, a simple piece to wear time and again.

I equally love mine with pyjamas, warm but not bulky and makes you feel pulled together while you potter around the house. It also means the postman won’t be in for a fright, and let’s be honest, it can easily pass for popping out to grab the milk too. These jumpers get better with age, the more you live in them, the better they get. Like a wine, but the enjoyment lasts longer.

In short, the perfect companion for just about everything and what can be better than a light, warm layer for everyday life.

M x