How it started

It all seems long ago now...

In what now feels like a previous life, I worked in the world of corporate sport as Executive Assistant, to the then, CEO of a global sport brand. It served as a business training ground like no other, exposed to the inner workings of a global business, sitting in a position with a perspective that offered unique insight. The commercial lessons learnt during my time proved to be invaluable and I draw on them daily. 

During that role my creative side was not in any way exercised. However much I enjoyed the job of a lifetime, that creative element was something that, for me, was always a missing piece in the puzzle. I loved to search for beautiful products, an escapism from a fast, all consuming job. Delving into a treasure trove looking for that something to bring some joy. Often, I could’t find what I was hunting for, well made pieces, classic enough to last but with that little something to make it just right. That hint of special. Our possessions do not make us happy but they can play a role in the life we choose to build. How we dress can influence our day, how we see the world and how it sees us. 

Making Notes

Making what I couldn't find anywhere else

Keeping a mental mood-board and scribbled notes in the back of a diary that I seemed to carry everywhere, I would dream of creating the pieces I couldn’t quite find.

It is often the case in life, that stars align, one good thing comes to an end and it opens the door for another, that is how BY MERRYN came to be.

Cautious by nature, I started with simple pieces that felt special, for now and years down the road. Made with the finest natural fabrics and using manufacturing techniques to last, these are products that just feel better the more of life you live in them.  

And now

Making things worth keeping

It’s important to me that we not only make beautiful products but they also be made with care and detail, harnessing craftsmanship skills specific to a product category. All of the knitwear and cotton poplin products are made in Britain, where there is a history of skilled crafts for production. Ultimately that’s the difference of a beautiful product, not just how it looks but how it’s made, how it feels. You can’t quite put your finger on why, but it makes you reach for THAT jumper, or shirt or t-shirt, over all the others. 

Simply put, we make things worth keeping. 

I hope you find something from the small collection that you love, and I would be so happy if you chose to add a piece to your life. 

Merryn x